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Business Law

Entity Selection
Proper organization of a new business is as important as executing the business plan.  Failure to properly organize the company can expose the owner(s) to personal liability, limit the ability of the company to raise capital, prevent the company from surviving the death of its founders or subject the owner(s) to unnecessary additional taxes and licensing fees.

Hawkins Law has a proven record helping small and not-so-small businesses get and stay organized.

Formation & Licensing
Different businesses have different licensing requirements based upon the industry to which they belong, their organizational structure, the products or services they offer and the state in which they are originated.  Our business clients know that they can trust Hawkins Law to help them determine the best strategies to limit licensing fees and other taxes both at start-up and as the business grows.

Internal Corporate Governance
Operating  Agreements, Management Agreements, Owner Buy-Sell Agreements, Corporate Resolutions and Personal Guarantees of business debt are just some of the written agreements that must be established between the owners of any business from time to time.  Add in the documentation of the annual meeting of share holders for a Subchapter S Corporation or the timely and accurate filing of the annual report for a Limited Liability Company and the list of the on-going responsibilities for small and medium sized businesses can seem daunting.

At Hawkins Law, we help our clients stay focused on what they are passionate about – their business.  We take care of the rest so our clients can concentrate on their continued success.

Business Finance
At some point, most businesses need to borrow money.  Whether it is for the purchase of property, renovation or expansion of a facility, new equipment or simply the management of an operating line of credit, borrowing is a critical component of how businesses grow and achieve their goals. 

At Hawkins Law, we understand business.  Since our founding, we have been helping small and medium-sized businesses get the capital they need to grow.  Through the years, we have helped our clients through traditional lending sources such as commercial bank loans and Small Business Association 7(A) and 504 loans.  We have helped clients arrange loans from high net worth individuals and obtain operating capital from private equity investment groups.  At Hawkins Law, we are committed to helping our clients develop and execute capital acquisition strategies that work.

Owner Equity Transfers & Allocations
Many small and family owned businesses must eventually face the reality of ownership transition from one generation to the next, or even the outright sale of the business.  Hawkins Law has extensive experience helping business clients develop succession plans and retirement/transition plans for businesses and their current and future owners.

Purchasing/Sales & Service Contracts
Properly prepared standard business forms such as purchase orders, sales/service agreements, invoices, equipment and real estate leases, independent consultant contracts and supply chain agreements help the business, its vendors and its customers by establishing proper expectations for the business transaction.  Effective communication of standard terms reduces the likelihood of disputes that always have a negative effect on cash flow.

Depending upon the industry and/or the type of customers or clients of the business, certain language and disclosures may be required in contracts offered by the company under state and federal laws including the Ohio Consumer Sale Practices Act or the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Failure to follow these requirements can expose the company to statutory and punitive damage awards by the Court in the event of an adverse result in certain types of litigation.

Our business clients trust Hawkins Law to help them develop the standard forms for their business and keep them up-to-date with current laws and prevailing case law that affects their industry.

Collection Actions
Cash flow defines success or failure of a business.  When cash flow becomes difficult for a business or its customers, collection issues follow.  At Hawkins Law, we have considerable experience in creditor represented collection actions, debtor defense and debt negotiation to define a workable plan for all parties.

Statutory Agent Services

When a business is legally formed, a resident statutory agent must be designated for service of process for the business entity.  Service of process is the legal mechanism whereby the business is notified that it has been named as a party to a lawsuit.  In addition to the regular filing fees required by the state in which the business was formed, some companies or firms charge for their statutory agent services.  At Hawkins Law, we offer statutory agent services to our business clients free of charge.

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