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Civil Litigation

Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain is the taking of private land by a governmental entity for a necessary public use.  All state constitutions provide for the state’s right to take property through eminent domain, but condition that right based upon the requirements of public use and just compensation to the owner. 

“No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation” – Fifth Amendment, United States Constitution.

When private property owners become the subject of an eminent domain action, the government entity places an amount of money that it believes represents the value of the property to be taken, on deposit with the court in the county of jurisdiction.  The government may then immediately enter on the property and begin demolition/construction pursuant to the desired development.  Because the actions of the government are often swift and absolute, many property owners assume that they do not have the right to challenge the taking. 

Hawkins Law provides experienced representation in eminent domain defense.  We help our clients protect their property rights by determining that a legitimate public use and need exist and that the government is compelled to pay the highest and best use value for the property taken. 

Construction Default & Defect

Hawkins Law provides experienced representation in construction default and defect litigation related to commercial and residential construction projects throughout our Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky service area.


Debt Collection

Creditor Representation
Hawkins Law provides experienced representation in debt collection litigation for businesses seeking payment from delinquent accounts.  We understand how to move our client’s case through the legal process quickly.  Bad debt only loses more value as time passes.  We offer free initial consultation to small business owners seeking debt collection assistance. 

Debtor Representation

Hawkins Law also provides experienced representation for consumer debtor defense in collection actions.  We help our consumer debtor clients determine if their rights have been violated by the collections process, if our client has any set-offs or counterclaims and if the creditor’s complaint is legally valid and properly filed before the Court.

We help clients that may have failed to respond timely to a collection lawsuit, that may be facing wage garnishment and/or may have had bank accounts attached for repayment of the debt through a  prior Court ordered judgment in favor of the creditor.

At Hawkins Law, we help our clients by ensuring that their consumer rights are protected and that the amount of debt to be repaid is the correct amount owed and not a hyper-inflated amount based upon excessive interest charges and late fees.  Finally, we negotiate a repayment plan, on our client’s behalf, that is equitable and fair and does not place an unmanageable financial burden on our client. 

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