Hawkins Law and Hawkins Title serve many different types of clients throughout our Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky service area.  Financial institutions, real estate development companies, small business owners, realtors, construction companies, homeowners associations, individuals and families all trust the experienced counsel of Hawkins Law for their legal representation.

Hawkins Law and Hawkins Title are well positioned to serve other law firm clients.  Local counsel, real estate co-counsel and real estate title and closing services are some of the regular services we provide to other legal and title professionals.

At Hawkins Law and Hawkins Title, we are dedicated to providing exceptional client service through a practice group that is educated, experienced, focused and highly effective.

If you would like to discuss your legal needs in a free, confidential initial consultation, please contact us at the following locations:

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4030 Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Road
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Cincinnati, OH  45255
513-843-4110 office


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