Hawkins Law and Hawkins Title founder, attorney Tracy L. Hawkins, is an accomplished attorney and title agent with over a decade of experience in banking, real estate, business law, construction law and related practice areas.   During her career, Tracy has represented banks, developers, contractors, small businesses and families on many unique and complex matters.

  • $170 million deal for sale of eight properties in two states, each with an independent ongoing business concern subject to regulatory scrutiny and each involving multi-layered management considerations.  Negotiated and documented business terms (purchase contracts, leases, management agreements, deeds, etc.) and served as final closing agent and sole title agent for all involved properties and parties to the transaction.

  • $65 million loan for multi-state health care provider, served as bank counsel and title agent.

  • $41 million loan for premier commercial property development financing, served as borrower’s counsel and title agent.

  • Complex litigation and arbitration of $122 million construction dispute that involved the development of litigation strategy, taking of depositions, court and arbitration appearances, discovery review and documentation, client preparation and drafting/filing ancillary lawsuits in other jurisdictions.

  • Commercial loan default work-out for institutional lender client, including comprehensive planning of site re-development to mitigate loss, hands-on construction management ensuring uninterrupted property development during default and lead negotiations with Ohio Department of Natural Resources and other governmental officials to remedy the bankrupt debtor’s many violations, eliminating the assessment of punitive fines to lender.

  • Consumer bankruptcy case involving the Chapter 7 liquidation of assets for a married couple in the process of moving out of state to seek employment.  The case resulted in the short sale of the Ohio residence with no deficiency owed, discharge of all consumer debt and a fresh start for the clients.  While not typical, this case resulted in a net improvement in the client couple’s credit score allowing them to obtain a conventional loan for the purchase of a used car within six months of the final discharge of their bankruptcy.

  • Helped a small business client legally organize his service business.  In addition to developing an operating agreement with special provisions for private equity investment in the multi-member limited liability company (LLC), Hawkins Law assisted the client by recommending an effective accounting firm for their accounting needs and helped to develop a successful strategy for structuring the membership interest in the LLC so that an affordable group health plan could be established for the company and its owners.

  • Defended a homeowner/borrower couple in a mortgage foreclosure action.  The couple was 4 months behind on a $120,000 mortgage when the foreclosure was filed.  The original loan had been amortized for 30 years at 9.35% APR.  With roughly 22 years left on the payments, the bank had required forced insurance on the property making the monthly mortgage payment approximately $1,810.  The homeowners hired Hawkins Law to help them keep their family home.  The final result was a dismissal of the foreclosure and a mortgage modification that converted the outstanding debt, fees and late charges to a 40 year fixed rate of 6.45%.  The new loan eliminated the forced insurance requirement (allowing the homeowners to purchase their own home owner’s insurance policy at a fraction of the cost of the forced insurance) and paid off the delinquent property taxes owed.  The new monthly payment was $785 per month.

  • Defended a client in a credit card collection action that had proceeded to default judgment and garnishment of wages.  The client had reported fraudulent charges on a credit card account, in writing, claiming that they did not make the charges for which they were billed.  The credit card issuer, in accordance with their fraud policy, accepted the client’s timely report, agreed to investigate the charges, closed the account and told the client that they would be in contact if the credit card issuer required any further information.  Since the fraud policy of the credit card agreement only required the client to pay $50 of the fraudulent charge balance, the client assumed that this was the limit of their obligation.  Nearly 6 years passed.  The client was then suddenly sued by a successor in interest to the credit card issuing company/plaintiff for more than 3 times the original disputed amount owed.  The successor/plaintiff claimed that they were entitled to not only the entire disputed amount, but also interest at a rate of 24.99% from the time of default.  The client, unrepresented by counsel, failed to respond properly to the Court and default judgment was entered against them.  Following the default judgment award, the successor/plaintiff filed a garnishment action and began to garnish the client’s wages at an extremely high rate.  When the client realized that they could not remedy the situation without legal counsel, they sought the representation of Hawkins Law.  The final result was the termination of the garnishment and the default judgment order was vacated.  The client was required to pay nothing further and the successor/plaintiff was ordered by the court to return all of the money seized during the garnishment of the client’s wages.
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